Colombia and Ireland

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>Jose: The guerrilla's systematic and concerted effort to SMASH the state is
>proof that
>the class forces and material interests at stake are much more far
>George: Thanks for writing. If the aim of FARC/ELN is to smash the state
>then is not rather strange that these same state smashers are currently
>engaged in peace talks with that very same state under Pastrana.

George, do you really propose that the guerillas should all say no
compromise at all times? The main reason the state is unable to make any
real peace is because the two demands that Farc (maybe ELN, I don't know)
will not compromise are : Land reform for the poor peasants and the mudering
bands of paramilitaries must be de-commisioned. If Farc/ELN can get Pastrana
to do this, it will be the first case in history of the state itself
carrying out the revolution to "one up" the revolutionaries. Thus, in my
view, the FARC are showing that they are willing to deal for peace in good
faith. Moreover, they show they are willing to die for the goals of the
revolution at the same time.

As tacky as it may seem:

Love Live FARC-EP!
Revolucion o muerte!


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