João Cabral

Carlos Eduardo Rebello crebello at
Mon Oct 25 01:31:59 MDT 1999

I made a lot of typos in my João Cabral piece, but, interstingly, put
that Cabral want to make "substantive *pottery*", That would perhaps
made him happy, as he regerded _poetry_ exactly as a kind of material
art like pottery or mattalurgy. It must be also remembered that this
great poet - surprisingly for a Brazilian - hated _any_ kind of music
-"music is noise", he used to say. As to his non-polictically correct
tastes, it must be remembered that he absolutely loved bullfights, which
prompted him to write a beautiful poem in praise of the Spanish
bullfighter Manolete, whom he regarded as *the* master in the "simple"
art of killing a bull with a single stroke (João Cabral hated
bullfighting antics, like El Cordobes's). And, finally, this is a place
as good as any to try my hand with a trans. of one of his love poems:

"Whenever you would on the phone
speak to me, I would say
That you were speaking from a room
with light filled
a room that offered itself
across two hundred windows
to a beach in the morning
more morning because marine;
to some beach in the morning
on high noon
a mineral noon
of some NE beach
NE of Pernambuco
where mornings are cleaner
Parnambuco of Recife
from Piedade at Olinda
always peopled with sails
white and to the sun exposed".

Carlos Rebello

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