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Fri Oct 29 09:40:56 MDT 1999

The March of the Americas was stopped by police this morning, [Thursday,
October 28, 1999] at approximately 8:00 am in Irvington, New Jersey. Cheri
Honkala, National Spokesperson for the March of the Americas and the
Director of the Kensington Welfare Rights Union is now being held in an
Irvington jail.

Please help us. Call the Irvington police and inquire about Cheri Honkala:

Thank you!


Poor and homeless families from all of the Americas, including families
from Canada, the United States and Latin America are marching from
Washington, DC to the United Nations in New York City in a March of the
Americas: Continuing the March for Our Lives.

We are marching 10 miles a day for 30 days, setting up Tent Cities every
night, and holding press conferences and protests in local communities. We
are speaking to the effects of poverty and welfare reform, and sponsoring
tribunals and cultural events along the entire route. This month-long
march brings together poor people from around the United States who are
organizing for their survival. The March is also an effort to link up the
struggles internationally against the inequities arising from

The March of the Americas is organized by the Poor People's Economic Human
Rights Campaign, a network of over 40 poor people's organizations from
across the U.S. The network expands from public housing residents facing
the demolition of their housing in Chicago, to welfare recipients about to
be cut off assistance in Philadelphia; from farm workers working for
poverty wages in Florida to work fare workers organizing in San Francisco.
In the United States, the richest country in the world, increasing numbers
of people - especially children - are struggling harder and harder to
survive. Despite record corporate profits most people in this country are
experiencing falling wages, corporate downsizing and underemployment.
Recent welfare reform has led to increasing hunger, homelessness and

In addition to the poor and homeless families who are organizing the
march, members of the religious community, labor unions, students, social
workers, lawyers, doctors, nurses and other allies provide essential
support for this historic event.

For more information on the march, see:


Kensington Welfare Rights Union
PO Box 50678
Philadelphia, PA 19132-9720
Phone: 215-203-1945
Fax:   215-203-1950
email: kwru at


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