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Because of Louis's own modesty and principles, many will never know that
Louis does far more than writing prolifically on varied topics from a very
principled Marxist perspective and moderating this list (and that in itself
is quite a contribution), I can attest that behind the scenes, Louis has
made/is making extremely important contributions for Pikanii People and
Indigenous Peoples in general--contributions that will benefit many in
myriad and ongoing ways. "Louis walks the talk" and I hope that someday his
behind-the-scenes contributions and concrete struggle may be known;
contributions that are anything but "petit-bourgeois" or "narrow

Sorry Louis, but I just felt compelled to write and please put this out on
your list as I know your own modesty might compel you to be hesitant to put
it out.

Jim Craven

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>George: I do agree Bernie that much on this  list that passes for
communism is a disguised
>form of rabid nationalism. But then much of what passes itself off as
marxist has always
>exhibited this political character --petty bourgeois politics. However
there is no royal
>road to communism. Consequently among the tasks of revolutionary
communists is the
>exposure of the reactionary pervasive nature of petty bourgeois

There is no "rabid nationalism" or "petty bourgeois politics" on this list,
Pennefather. If you continue to characterize those you disagree with in
this manner, the only conclusion one can draw is that you have no intention
of regarding others as worthy of dialog, but only to be exposed like
reformist trade union bureaucrats or parliamentarians. I will not allow

I created this list as a conscious attempt to separate from sectarians on
the Marxism lists which preceded it who thought that they were dealing with
"petty bourgeois" opponent betraying the working class. It appears now that
only you and Wool are thinking in these terms, while everybody else who
posts here refrains from these kinds of categorizations, no matter what
they think privately.

I am warning you that persistent attempts to polarize this forum around
categories such as "rabid nationalism" and "petty bourgeois politics" will
certainly get you thrown off. I have very little patience for these kinds
of attacks and have openly defined this mailing list as an alternative to
the sick factionalism of self-declared vanguard groupuscles. The next time
you make such types of characterizations, I will unsub you.

Louis Proyect

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