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Sun Oct 31 22:41:09 MST 1999

Nestor Miguel Gorojovsky inquired into Kusturica:
Found this...PARIS, March 31 (AFP) - Bosnian-born Yugoslav
film director Emir Kusturica on Wednesday slammed
NATO strikes against his country as"counter-productive", "irrational" and

Kusturica, who twice won the Cannes film
festival's prestigious Golden Palm for "When
Father Was Away on Business" and "Underground",
said in an interview with the weekly news magazine

"My mother lives in Montenegro, my son in
Belgrade. He spends every night in a bomb
shelter. I believe these bombings are totally
irrational, unjustifiable. They bring nothing to
anyone, specially not Albanian civilians."

"Resorting to armed force will resolve nothing,
whether it be NATO or (President Slobodan)
Milsoevic. Should he be the dictator he is said to
be, should his misdeeds be fact, it is ridiculous
to act in the same way as he does. Bombings never solved

Kusturica, who was born in 1954 in Sarajevo and
now lives abroad, added that the west's attitude
"is totally counter-productive."

"The allied action is bolstering political
support for Milosevic, even amongst his most
determined opponents," Kusturica said, adding that
he would never speak out in favour of the Yugsolav

Also see if the lefty movie magazine, Cineaste, has some reviews.
                                                   Michael Pugliese

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