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>I thought the list might be interested in this.
>Paul Phillips,
>University of Manitoba
>Listing cultural genocide that KLA under KFOR protection is doing.
>Are NATO leaders, in particular Sir Michael Jackson and Kushner,
>engaged again in WAR CRIMES. Is the ICTY, (Hague Tribunal) going to
>indict them?
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> >From Jared Israel at Emperors-clothes.com  **  PLEASE FORWARD
>My dear friends,
>Many people have expressed concern over the shutting down of
>emperors-clothes.com, so I'm writing you all this note.  First let me tell
>you what I personally have been up to the past few days.
>I am writing you from the offices of Global Relfexion in Amsterdam. In
>Holland there is great and growing concern over the involvement of
>Dutch KFOR troops in the imprisonment of a large number of Serbian
>residents in the Kosovo town of Orahovac.
>Saturday, Cedda Prlncevic, the leader of Pristina's Jewish community,
>who were driven from Kosovo by the KLA (UCK), and I were among the
>speakers who addressed a large meeting opposing the on-going attack
>on Kosovo Serbs. I cannot tell you how encouraged I am by the passion
>of the reserved Dutch when they learn the facts about what Dutch
>troops have been doing in Kosovo.
>Cedda spoke before me.  Nico Varkevisser from Global Reflexion, which
>sponsored Cedda and my trip to the Netherlands, had pressed Cedda to
>talk specifically about how KFOR's presence has affected ordinary Serbs.
>And he tried; but as he spoke, the pain of what has been done to the
>citizens of Serbia, of all nationalities, overwhelmed him, and he broke
>down on the stage.  He was given a standing ovation.
>I spoke next, about Cedda's experiences and those of the women from
>Orahovac, who have been interviewed by Emperors Clothes.  We are
>currently transcribing those interviews.  )
>The story of their suffering, of the literal imprisonment of the Serbian
>population of Orahovac, tremendously affected the hundreds of people
>at the meeting, and people are taking action.  There is tremendous energy
>here.  We have scheduled already 5 or 6 radio, newspaper and TV
>interviews - the Dutch media has been calling Global Reflexion to invite
>me to speak about hat the Dutch troops have done to the Serbs in
>Orahovac.  It seems the media in Holland has not been fully consolidated
>into the US/German Empire.
>This is a country where Nazi occupation was once greeted with a General
>Strike.  This is a country whose government has shamefully lied -
>claiming the Dutch troops are bringing multi-ethnic life to Kosovo.  This
>is a blot on the honor and decency of the Dutch.  There is a great
>potential here for resistance to the horrific policies of NATO.
>Global Reflexion is demanding the women whom we interviewed, all of
>whom are from Orahovac but who presently live in Belgrade, be brought
>to Holland, at the expense of the Dutch government to testify before the
>Dutch Parliament.
>Global Reflexion has called for a delegation of leading Dutch citizens to
>go to Orahovac and bring out the Serbs who want to leave.  The
>Statement posted below describes how Dutch NATO forces have
>FORCIBLY PREVENTED Serbs from fleeing Orahovac. This includes
>children, turned back when the women whom we interviewed managed to
>get to the city to bring them out.  The Dutch troops said: "Nein" which is
>not a word customarily used in Holland.
>The Dutch movement is demanding: Save the Children of Orahovac! The
>Dutch delegation will go to Kosovo, to Orahovac, and bring out the
>Serbs. Let us see how the people here respond if the liars in the Dutch
>government try to stop them.
>I spoke at the meeting Saturday afternoon. Saturday night the emperors-
>clothes.com website was shut down.  Repeated email to the people at
>Internet Web Designs, our "service" provider, has been fruitless. First
>they did not answer until Monday night (making it too late for us to find
>an alternate provider on Monday).  And when they did answer, their
>reply was absurd - they claimed a small payment, which we had sent
>days ago, was never received.  They had no explanation why we were
>not contacted BEFORE the site was shut down  (though they managed
>to shut it down, apparently late Saturday night!) or why they failed to
>respond to our email.  I think it is reasonable to speculate that there has
>been US government pressure to silence the site. Anyone wishing to
>protest this may send email to emperors-clothes through me at
>jaredi at aol.com Hopefully we will have emperors-clothes up and running
>by Tuesday night, Eastern US time.
>I will try to arrange to publish the Orahovac interviews on
>www.antiwar.com as soon as they are transcribed, so you can read them
>there, hopefully, by Tuesday night or Wed morning, Eastern US time.
>Below is a statement in English and Serbo-Croatian, written by Cedda
>Prlncevic, Niko Varkevisser from Global Reflexion and me.
>Statement by Cedomir Prlincevic, edited by Nico Varkevisser of Global
>Reflexion and Jared Israel of Emperors-clothes.com
>I appreciate very much the invitations from Global Reflexion to address
>the meeting on "Terror in Kosovo" held last night in Amsterdam, and the
>invitation from "Association Dialogue" to address the Conference
>tomorrow on "NATO's Humanitarian War and the New World Order".  I
>was very much moved by the reception of the large, and more important,
>motivated group whom I addressed in Amsterdam.  I very much regret,
>due to the breakdown of our automobile, that I cannot address the
>Conference in Paris.  I have therefore written this statement, with the
>participation of Mr. Israel and Mr. Varkevisser.
>For months people in the West, and also, through satellite transmission,
>those of us in Yugoslavia, have been bombarded with Western media
>claims that NATO, that is the US and Germany, want to create, in
>Kosovo, a multiethnic, democratic society.  The disadvantage of citizens
>of Serbia in dealing with NATO is that we tend to believe that other
>people mean what they say. And therefore I and others in Pristina
>believed that when KFOR, that is NATO, marched into Kosovo, they
>would protect the rights of Serbs and other non-Albanians.
>The KFOR troops and the UCK crossed the border into Kosovo
>together; they came down the roads together; they entered Pristina
>together. Immediately the UCK and gangster elements under their
>leadership took over government institutions and fanned out, going after
>the homes of non-Albanians and pro-Yugoslav Albanians.  I lived in a
>large complex of apartments inhabited by doctors, lawyers, university
>managers of various institutions, the intellectual core of Pristina
>Right after
>KFOR arrived, the gangster elements attacked this section, called Milana.
>They moved up and down through the buildings, banging on doors,
>breaking down doors, throwing tear gas into people's apartments, forcing
>them out on pain of death.
>The Western media claims that KFOR has been "unable" to control the
>action of "mysterious gangs" who unfortunately have targeted Serbs,
>nor have they the manpower needed to prevent ethnic Albanians from
>Kosovo from exacting revenge.
>This is simply untrue.  For one thing, the Albanians who attacked our
>apartment complex spoke a dialect that made it clear they were from
>Albania, not from Kosovo.
>When the Albanians attacked, one of my neighbors (a doctor) called
>KFOR.  An English Major arrived with his squad.  But the Albanians did
>not flee. I spoke to this Major.  I asked him why the didn't do anything.
>He said "This is a job for the Civil Authorities."  But you see,  by then
>there were no civil authorities other than the UCK.
>He said KFOR was only interested in cases of murder. I showed him
>documents, confirming that I was the President of the Jewish community
>in Pristina.  He replied: "Later."  He didn't have time to examine these
>papers.  While the Major and his squad were there - before their eyes -
>the gangsters continued their work.  In some cases, when residents
>appealed to these British KFOR troops, the KFOR people took the part of
>modern day Solomons.  The Albanians explained their plight: "We have
>no place to stay tonight."  You see they felt themselves to be victims of a
>housing shortage. So the KFOR people said, "Why don't you share this
>apartment amongst yourselves!" - in other words, the gangsters were to
>move in with the prey.
>SO KFOR left, the Albanians moved in, and then the Albanians said,
>"Now leave or we will slaughter you." Under these circumstances, who
>would stay?  We lost everything, years of our lives - our lives, and our
>community, the only place we can ever be at home - gone. Stolen.
>About 30,000 people were driven from this huge complex in Milana in a
>matter of days.  I have had to flee to tiny quarters in Belgrade, I and my
>family, including my 81 year old mother. The Jewish community in
>Pristina existed by fortuitous accident. During World War II the ethnic
>Albanian fascists in alliance with Italian and then German forces shot
>some local Jews. Then they arrested the rest and shipped them, in
>stages, to death camps.  One large trainload of Jews took a wrong turn
>and got stalled several days at a train station, and was liberated by the
>Russian Army.  My family thus exists only by virtue of error; but my 81-
>year-old mother, alive through this accident of fate, now has to face the
>destruction of her life, of all our lives.  I personally was Chief
>Archivist in
>Pristina, and now at 61 years of age, what am I to do?  What are any of
>us to do?
>The behavior of a large part of the Albanian population was terrible.They
>lied to support the NATO campaign of lies, inventing tales of harassment
>and mass executions. Secretly, and then openly, they supported the
>UCK. These people would never have done such terrible things were it
>not for years of encouragement from two centers - the United States and
>Germany. Albanian culture unfortunately includes a strong strain of
>intolerance; it also has a powerful Clan structure which puts Clan leaders
>in a dictatorial position.
>These two cultural traits have been utilized by NATO to provide foot
>soldiers for modern-day fascism, complete with a liberal rhetorical cover.
>Emperors-Clothes.com recently interviewed some women from Orahovac.
>This town is well- known in the West because Albanian blockades kept
>out Russian KFOR troops.  These interviews are partly transcribed and
>will be published this week (before Nov. 1) at Emperors-Clothes.com.  I
>find them most instructive regarding KFOR's claims.  Keep in mind, this
>sector is controlled by Dutch and German troops under German
>The women interviewed are Orahovac natives who had previously
>moved to
>Belgrade or who escaped from Orahovac after the arrival of KFOR. Their
>phone lines were destroyed by NATO bombing. Then Yugoslav radio
>and TV facilities were bombed, so the population in Orahovac was
>effectively cut off from Yugoslav information sources.  But Western
>media, especially Voice of America, got through.  VOA broadcast a clear
>message: "We are fighting to guarantee a multiethnic, democratic
>Kosovo. When we come in, we will disarm the UCK. And we will protect
>all groups."
>So the Serbs and Roma and other minorities in Orahovac felt reassured.
>They felt that perhaps there would be problems, but basically, the West
>only wanted military bases, apart from that they would prefer Orahovac
>to have a normal life. The minority population of Serbs and Roma would
>naturally be protected.  Why wouldn't KFOR want to protect them? It's
>only normal.
>Now, say the women that we interviewed, they realize their error. They
>made the same mistake I and the other Pristina Jews made.  That is, they
>miscalculated what was Natural for NATO.
>On the morning of the day KFOR came into Orahovac, their
>representatives met with leading Serbs, including the Mayor. They told
>the leaders: the UCK will be disarmed and everyone will be protected.
>That day KFOR marched in - and with them in marched the UCK.
>Realizing that they had been betrayed many Serbs and Roma living
>among ethnic Albanians fled, moving into the Serbian part of town.
>Those who remained in the mixed part were kidnapped; their fates are
>unknown. Immediately, the UCK forces started to take over and loot and
>burn the homes of Serbs living in the mixed neighborhoods.  Did KFOR
>do the normal thing for an army of occupation in a town under Martial
>Law?  Did they send trucks with loudspeakers warning that looters and
>arsonists would be shot?  Did they create some examples, arresting and
>jailing arsonists?  Did they track down kidnappers and arrest them? Did
>they establish a massive presence on the streets, shooting looters and
>No.  They occupied strategic parts of the town.  They did nothing to
>stop the attacks on Serbs and their property.  When Serbs saw KFOR
>troops patrolling they would ask: "What are you going to do to help
>us?" They were told: "We don't have the men to guard every house or
>every Serb." No, they had the forces to do nothing.
>One of the interviewed women saw an Albanian starting to torch a Serb's
>home and stopped a Dutch KFOR soldier.  "Please!  Do something."  The
>man was a decent person - he was visibly distressed.  "I have to call
>headquarters for instruction," he said, or words to that effect.  He
>checked with his superiors and then told our correspondent: "I was
>ordered to do nothing." but even his limited concern was too much for
>the Dutch commanders - he was never seen again patrolling the Serbian
>area.  He had been corrupted: he questioned existing orders. The women
>whom Emperors-Clothes interviewed did notice that KFOR forces were
>constantly shuffled lest these politically naive people become infected
>with human decency, a dangerous contact disease.
>The women report that shortly after occupation, the Serbs, who had
>guns because of the old Yugoslav strategy of arming the population
>against foreign invasion, were forcibly disarmed by Dutch and German
>KFOR troops.  The Mayor of Orahovac, who happened to be a Serb, the
>local Serbian doctor and 4 others were arrested for "War Crimes" and
>taken to jail.  And then the torture of an entire population began.
>There are two levels of containment in Orahovac.  There is the inner
>control, manned by Dutch and German troops, with a roadblock that
>controls entry to the Serbian part of town.  And then there is the outer
>control, with Albanian -manned roadblocks and roving bands of
>terrorists.  If a Serb tries to slip out of the city, he simply disappears,
>God help him.
>The Western media has written about the Albanian roadblocks.
>Albanians who supposedly suffered abuses at the hands of Serbian
>forces supposedly set them up.  These Albanians supposedly heard
>about the imminent Russian takeover in Orahovac and, fearful that the
>Russians would protect Serbian war criminals, they spontaneously set
>up the roadblocks.
>In fact, the Albanian roadblocks can only operate with the connivance
>and participation of the Dutch and German KFOR troops that control the
>city. The roadblocks have tents with weapons - in violation of the UN so-
>called Peace agreement, under which UCK forces were to have turned in
>their weapons.They have electric lines running to these tents; the lines
>require KFOR approval.
>KFOR is simply creating a smokescreen: the UCK blockades are really
>KFOR blockades to keep out the Russians. After all, the Russians might
>challenge the ghettoization of the Serbs and Roma.
>If Serbs try to get into Orahovac to visit their relatives, as our
>correspondents tried, they are subjected to humiliation and risk.
>The Yugoslav government, pressed by relatives of the Serbian residents
>of Orahovac, has organized two trips to Orahovac.  Let me briefly relate
>some of what the interviewed women experienced on these trips.  The
>second trip was a few weeks ago.  A group of Serbian women were, by
>agreement between the Yugoslav government and KFOR, escorted to the
>KFOR roadblock.  There they were questioned, photographed and
>searched for three hours.  They were forced to submit to extreme
>indignities, including body searches which decency prevents me from
>describing.  They told Emperors-clothes that nobody ever heard of such
>things in undemocratic Yugoslavia; they only witnessed such measures
>in US gangster movies. But you see, life is imitating American art.
>After being strip-searched they were allowed into the Ghetto.  They were
>allowed to stay only  three hours to visit their relatives. Before the trip
>they had been permitted to phone these relatives for only one minute per
>week. 1 minute.
>The three hours were paid for by the treatment they had received at the
>roadblocks. They were told: you will be permitted to bring NO ONE out.
>Nevertheless, a large number of children appeared at the church where
>the women were to be picked up by KFOR and returned to the
>checkpoint.  The children were sent by parents desperate to save them
>from this horrid situation.  Life in the Ghetto had deteriorated. Food was
>scarce. Water was occasional. Electric power was unreliable or
>nonexistent. There were no regular phones. It was dangerous - literally
>risking death - to step out of the house onto the street and you never
>knew when the knock would come at the door.
>In desperation the parents sent a large number of children.  KFOR did
>not, apparently, want a scene at the church. They want desperately to
>avoid KFOR casualties so they have to be  careful, even with disarmed
>people. They could scratch and bite. So they allowed the children to go
>with the women back to the checkpoint.
>At the checkpoint the Dutch Major was in charge. He said: "Only those
>who came in may leave!" The women told Emperors-Clothes that their
>identification papers had been photographed when they were searched,
>so KFOR knew exactly who was a proper visitor and who was not,
>making it impossible for any of the women to change places with
>"Only those who came in may leave! The children must go home." Home!
>It was, the women say, a scene from hell: the children, terrified, crying,
>the women yelling and protesting to the Dutch troops…You see, that is
>the problem with these Serbs.  They will not simply lie down and die.
>They are disobedient Jews!
>Albanians were milling around.  You see, while the Serbs were detained
>and searched for 3 hours, Albanians could simply drive past the
>checkpoint without stopping.  They waved to the KFOR troops and
>sailed by, sometimes chanting "NA-TO! NA-TO! NA-TO!"
>The Dutch Major became increasingly impatient. Finally he said: "You
>may leave with these children but we will not guarantee your protection.
>No armed escort."
>No armed escort.  What could this mean?  Only that an unfortunate
>incident was to occur and these women and children would disappear.
>Then perhaps after witnessing the death of their elders the children
>would be brought back to Orahovac. They would tell people about the
>terrible deaths of the adults. The idea would be to terrify and therefore
>paralyze Serbs and Roma. Moreover, the children would provide, by their
>very presence, a guarantee against rebellion by the adults.
>Or perhaps all would simply disappear.
>Still, the women protested. What IS wrong with these Serbs?  The
>Major's patience had its limits.
>"Enough!" he roared.  "The children will go back and you will leave!"
>And so the women and children were separated, and the children were
>forced to go home.
>Recently I was interviewed for the second time by Emperors-clothes.com
>and during that interview I tried to communicate to the interviewers why
>the Albanians left for Macedonia and Albania during the war.  I told the
>interviewers they didn't understand the significance of certain features of
>modern Albanian culture.  It is very closed off, very self-oriented, and
>very much under the control of the leaders of Clans. The word 'clans' is
>not used here simply to describe a formal structural feature of Albanian
>society. Quite the contrary, clans are the actual, functioning social unit
>of vast numbers of Albanians.
>During the bombing, my neighbor, an ethnic Albanian, left.  And I said to
>him why are you leaving?  We're not getting killed in this housing
>development, we're all helping each other, and we're all together in the
>raid shelter - why are you leaving?  And he just looked at me, and he
>said, "I have to. I've been told to leave now.  Everyone will be leaving
>And that was that.  This man and his wife, who were sophisticated
>intellectuals, whose children played with the Serbian children, whom I
>had considered to be friends  - they were leaving.
>Many opponents of the war thought the UCK was making a big mistake
>by terrorizing Albanians.  But it wasn't making a mistake.  It was making a
>point to the clan leaders: we have the backing of NATO and we will kill
>Albanians who buck us.  Given the existence of anti-Serb racism among
>Albanians, this we're-the-winning-team argument brought the leaders
>into line.
>Huge numbers of Albanians left Kosovo during the bombing.  They did
>not leave because Serbs were slaughtering them, which was a made-up
>story. They did not leave because they were getting bombed; though
>they were getting bombed. They left because they were told to leave by
>their clan leaders.
>Vast numbers of people from all over the world have protested the
>bombing of Yugoslavia. In doing so they have created a movement out
>of the political shambles of our world. And yet it is now, after the
>cessation of bombing, that we have entered the worst hell.  This terrible
>fascist-like invasion has created far worse suffering than the bombing.
>Some are driven out, some disappear, some are murdered and their
>murders attributed to forces beyond NATO's control. Some, like the
>Serbs and Roma of Orahovac, have been imprisoned in a new Warsaw
>I urge those who care about Justice not to remain silent.

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