M-TH: Why No Revolution?

Sam Pawlett rsp at SPAMuniserve.com
Fri Sep 3 09:42:40 MDT 1999

"Part of the basic cause of the total failure of socialism--only a
part,admittedly, but an essential part which can no longer be overlooked
or dismissed as being of secondary importance-- is the lack of an
effective Marxian political psychology. This lack expresses itself not
merely in the fact that a psychology of this sort has yet to be
developed, but also in the current distrust in the working-class
movement with regard to psychological perspectives and analysis and to
effective practical psychology. This deficiency on our part was of the
greatest advantage to the class enemy, and became one of the most
powerful weapons of Fascism. While we were presenting the masses with
grandiose histroical analyses and economic arguments about the
contradictions of imperialism, their innermost feelings were being
kindled by Hitler. To use Marx's language, we had left the exploitation
of the subjective factor to the idealists, and had become economicist

--Wilhelm Reich "What is Class Consciousness"p18, 1933.

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