[PEN-L:10550] Re: RE: "MODERN SCIENCE is a product ofcapitalism"

Charles Brown CharlesB at SPAMCNCL.ci.detroit.mi.us
Wed Sep 1 14:26:18 MDT 1999

>>> "Craven, Jim" <jcraven at clark.edu> 09/01/99 03:35PM >>>Where I live here on the
>Oregon/Washington border, we have all sorts of
physicists, geologists, anthropologists, economists etc claiming as "new
discoveries", fundamental facts and relationships about "nature" and
"society" that were explicitly or implicitly alluded to in Indian Lodge
Tales going back hundreds of years.


Charles: Humans talking with and turning into animals is a frequent theme in both
American and African ancient tales ( See for example, _Civilization or Barbarism: An
Authentic Anthropology_ by Cheikh Anta Diop).  I wonder if this is some form of
biological science too advanced for the current scientists to understand.

This would throw something of a wrench into my idea of language as one of the
distinctive human characteristics. Andy says chimps could use e-mail.

Charles Brown

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