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"Craven, Jim" wrote:

> there wasn't much enthusiasm for
> "introspection" and self-examination as I remember.

Did you know that Thorstein Veblen originally wanted to
use "A Study in Human Depravity" as the subtitle for
his *The Higher Learning in America*?


Hi Carrol,

Thanks for the note. Of course Veblen's own career in acadmia was probably
the field work fo the title. did you ever read a book called "Profscam"?
But the infamous Milgram experiment at Yale, which I use extensively in my
classes along with films of nazi rallies at Nuremberg, certainly shows that
Veblen was not far off if off at all.

I do plan to "replicate" the Dr. Celia Hooker experiment at my institution.
Not to debunk student evaluations which I accept and believe we need despite
some of the methodological and other problems, but to debunk the one's who
selectively review and use them for their own machiavellian purposes.

Thanks again for the note.


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