Violence following the vote

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Thu Sep 2 16:16:07 MDT 1999

>Act Immediately to Stop the Violence in East Timor
>Make three phone calls today to stop the violence.  It will make a difference!
>Pro-Indonesian paramilitaries have renewed their campaign of terror against
>the people of East Timor following a relatively peaceful day of voting in
>East Timor. Armed gangs in black t-shirts have been rampaging undeterred
>through the streets of Dili and other districts of East Timor for the past
>two days. Since the vote, militias have murdered East Timorese, burned
>houses, blocked people from leaving East Timor, and surrounded and attacked
>the UN headquarters in Dili.  Their orders come from the Indonesian military.
>The people of East Timor lined up to vote en masse on Monday, August 30.
>Over 98% of registered voters risked their lives in the aftermath of
>extreme paramilitary violence that threatened to derail the vote.  It is
>widely believed that the day of voting was largely free from intimidation
>and violence because increased international government pressure,
>particularly from the U.S., helped to force a change in Indonesian military
>orders to the paramilitary units in East Timor. The UN is expected to
>release the results of the vote within the next few days.  The
>paramilitaries must not be allowed to turn East Timor into a "sea of fire,"
>as paramilitary leader Eurico Gutteres threatened,  if the vote is for
>The United States has tremendous influence on Indonesia.  It must do more
>to pressure Indonesia to adhere to the May 5 UN agreement setting up the
>vote.  We must keep the pressure on!  Call today and get others to call.
>Call Secretary of State Madeleine Albright at the U.S. State Department
>(tel: 202-647-5291, fax: 202-647-6434).   Tell her the U.S. should suspend
>all military assistance to Indonesia immediately - until the paramilitary
>groups are completely disbanded and the military begins a genuine troop
>withdrawal.  Urge her to call Indonesian Defense Minister General Wiranto
>directly to demand Indonesia contain, disarm, and disband the
>paramilitaries now.  Encourage her to increase U.S. support for an expanded
>UN mission.  Important: Leave a message specifically for Albright.   Don't
>let her staff transfer you to the Indonesia Desk. They're already working
>hard on East Timor.
>Call your senators and representatives with the same message.  Tell them
>that they should do everything in their power to ensure that all military
>and financial assistance is cut off until paramilitaries are disbanded and
>Indonesian troops begin a genuine withdrawal.  Tell them to contact the
>Department of Defense (or the State Department) directly.  The
>Congressional switchboard number is 202-234-3121. To find out who your
>representative is, go to
>Call the Indonesian Embassy at 202-775-5200 (fax 202-775-5365).  Tell them
>to stop (contain, disarm, and disband) the paramilitary violence in East
>Timor NOW and ensure a peaceful period around the announcement of the
>results of the vote and a peaceful transition.
>For more information, contact East Timor Action Network at 202-544-6911,
>etanko at,
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