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Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at
Mon Sep 6 00:04:46 MDT 1999

Moreover, 'natural selection' and
>'genetic mutation' doesn't apply in the human world; we left it behind in
>the process of becoming human.  We are entirely distinct from the animal
Where on earth do you get this nonsense, Phil? It reads like scripture. We
ARE animals. My dog has a heart, lungs, etc. Hell, he even has emotions (He
knows when I'm mad, he looks distinctly ashamed) and rational thought (he
can find his way through the entire neighbourhood). If you want to say that
we have evolved to a point far and away beyond the rest of nature, I agree.
But please, Phil, none of this "Chosen one" kind of blanket statement,
you'll die like the rest of us animals.

ps- I agreed with the rest of your post to Doyle.

>Philip Ferguson

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