Un asesino serial anda suelto

Nestor Miguel Gorojovsky nestor at SPAMsisurb.filo.uba.ar
Fri Sep 3 14:48:21 MDT 1999

El  3 Sep 99 a las 5:47, Julio Fernandez Baraibar nos

A short and hard posting on the terrible consequences of
Market on everyday life in Argentina, including the
destruction of life due to perfectly preventible aircraft
accident. As most list members may have learnt already, a
plane has crashed in Argentina again.

The cost in human life of "privatization" and
"globalization" is highlighted by these accidents, which
are simply due to overt mismanagement of elementary
maintenance duties on commercial aircraft.

And this is the country that, until not so long ago, had been
chosen by the best of all airlines, Lufthansa, to take care
of their planes on the South American routes. Of course,
immediately after Aerolineas Argentinas (who were the
chosen ones) passed to private -and foreign, mainly
Citibank though operated by the Spanish airline- hands,
Lufthansa moved to safer terrain.

_I_ could have been on that plane. In fact, I had recently
boarded it for a Buenos Aires -  Mar del Plata flight. I
remembered the name of the plane, "Vega", which I had liked
very much.


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