Of mice and men and intelligence genes

Doyle Saylor djsaylor at SPAMprimenet.com
Sat Sep 4 13:22:58 MDT 1999

Greetings Comrades,
    Marta Russel brings up an essay by Astra Milberg upon the subject of
research upon intelligence genes.  The whole U.S. project about genetic
intelligence is obviously reactionary bullshit, but Marta's point is very
important for other reasons.  My own interest in consciousness intersects
exactly with Marta's point.  We do not as Marxist understand the issues that
Astra brings up.  What exactly is the meaning of the issues that Astra

    It cannot be that we reject the racist intelligence thinking without
coming to grips with the bigotry and predjudice that cognitive disability
raises.  What exactly is it that we are doing when we think?  The typical
left discussions are disembodied from the reality, do not normally discuss
up front depression, or schizophrenia, autism, strokes, spinal cord injury,
parkinism, multiple schlerosis, etc.  We do not come to grips with the
reality of peoples lives by not incorporating into our Marxism what Astra
personifies.  She has downs Syndrome.  What are the aims of a science that
intends to eliminate Astra from the face of the earth.  Certainly there is
not even much of a debate about this form of consciousness liberation.
There is not an acknowledgement that 70% of disabled people can't find work
or if they can't work at all, why do they have to work in order to merit a
human value?  Why in this country, the U.S., are professionals like medical
doctors given authority to kill in suicide requests, but the people
themselves are viewed as unable to make that decision?  Hence most of the
Kevorkian suicides are disabled people and that is considered the "humane"

    For example is it right to genetically test fetuses in order to abort
every Down's syndrome baby?  Or every autistic child?  No but what is the
Marxist understanding of what this means?  At least part of that is to
attack rationalism at its core, the delusion of pure thought disembodied
from the world.  Otherwise the purpose of variation in human babies is lost.
 The reality of mutation is lost.  The change and diversity in genetics is
lost.  The playing out of contingent changes needed to approach each
differing system is lost.  All in the name of super human perfection that
the Lord Our God intended for his human progeny.
Doyle Saylor

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