Barnesites, SWP, Bonapartism

Michael Pearlman pearl1 at
Sun Sep 5 11:17:43 MDT 1999

Thanks to Jose for his detailed, educational response to my question
about the SWP's differences with the Cubans.

Having been a teenage Healyite and a SWPer in my and its better days in
the seventies, I am sympathetic to to Phillip F's Healy-Barnes analogy
(though not his unwarranted attack on Jon F. , one of the few members of
the list with an honest job and some connection to the everyday reality
of working people in the US, and Jose P., a thoughtful anti-Barnesite
who I hope finds a better place to spend most of the day than CNN).  The
sectification of the SWP was a horrible thing to witness.  But I asked
my question because even highly sectarian outfits sometimes hit on part
of the truth, and I do give Barnes credit for trying to think things
through from his own distorted perspective. What I still don't
understand is how he squares his camp following of the Cuban CP with
such a major difference about perspectives for the Latin American


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