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Special communique of KPA general staff

    Pyongyang, September 2 (KCNA) -- The general staff of the Korean
People's Army today announced a special communique "on proclamation of the
Military Demarcation Line at the West Sea of Korea."
    The special communique reads:
    The unstable tense military situation persists on the Korean peninsula
in which a war may break out any moment.
    This situation has been getting more grave since the June 15 exchange of
fire at the West Sea of Korea.
    Right after the west sea armed conflict we took initiatives to call six
rounds of DPRK-U.S. general officer-level meetings, in order to prevent
recurrence of conflicts in the waters at issue and ease the tense situation,
and made every possible effort to this end.
    Especially, we advanced a realistic proposal to define the Military
Demarcation Line at the west sea through dialogues and contacts between the
two responsible parties, grasping the stark situation in which the military
conflicts at the west sea are mainly ascribable to the different assertions
of the two warring sides as to the maritime demarcation line.
    Meanwhile, we proposed to the U.S. forces side the detailed procedures
such as date and place of working-level contact, number of participants and
form of the contact, and have made our sincere efforts to realize it.
    We also expressed our generous intention to allow the participation of
the South Korean puppets in the contact, in consideration of their desire to
take part in the discussion of the matter, though they are not a signatory
to the Armistice Agreement.
    If the U.S. forces side is interested in the relaxation of the military
tension on the Korean peninsula even the least, it should respond to our
proposal and our proposal on detailed procedures on the working-level
    The U.S. forces side, however, shunned the discussion of the issue in
contravention of the AA and turned down our proposal on the working-level
contact, leaving it to the defunct north-south joint military commission. It
has craftily worked to maintain the "northern limit line" unilaterally fixed
by it in our territorial waters.
    As known to the world, the "northern limit line" is an illegal line
drawn by the U.S. forces side unilaterally in our territorial waters in
defiance of the Korean Armistice Agreement and the international law.
    Its insistence on keeping the "northern limit line" is as brigandish as
drawing a line in other's courtyard by stealth and arguing that it is its
    Accordingly, the U.S. forces side's insistence on keeping the "northern
limit line" constitutes a grave encroachment upon the sovereignty of our
    The behavior of the U.S. forces side to avoid the discussion of the
matter shows that it gave up by itself its authority and duty under the
Korean Armistice Agreement.
    Under situation where the U.S. forces side is insisting on keeping the
illegal and brigandish "northern limit line," avoiding the discussion of the
issue, although we intend to settle the issue of Military Demarcation Line
at the west sea through negotiations, the KPA general staff solemnly
declares in defence of inviolable waters under our military control as
    1. The Military Demarcation Line at the West Sea of Korea will be an
extension line of the provincial boundary line (A-B) between Hwanghae-do and
Kyonggi-do stipulated in the Armistice Agreement. The line links the point
(37 degrees 18 minutes 30 seconds N, 125 degrees 31 minutes 00 second E)
equidistant from "A" point and Tongsan point, the tip of Kangryong peninsula
under the DPRK control, and from Kul-op Island under the U.S. military
control = the point (37 degrees 1 minute 12 seconds N, 124 degrees 55
minutes 00 second E) equidistant from Ong Island under the DPRK control and
from Sogyokryolbi Island and Sohyop Island under the U.S. military control =
the point southeast of it (36 degrees 50 minutes 45 seconds N, 124 degrees
32 minutes 30 seconds E)= and the maritime demarcation line between the DPRK
and China. The waters north of the line will be waters under the KPA side's
military control.
    2. We declare that the brigandish "northern limit line" unilaterally
defined by the U.S. forces side inside our territorial waters of the West
Sea of Korea is invalid.
    3. Our self-defensive right to the Military Demarcation Line at the West
Sea of Korea will be exercised by various means and methods.


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