Of mice and men and intelligence genes

Carrol Cox cbcox at SPAMilstu.edu
Sun Sep 5 13:37:44 MDT 1999

Marta Russell wrote:

> My concern is not just about the fact that disabled people as a class of
> persons are devalued and the objects of abortion, euthanasia and infanticide

Marta, I don't want to get into a length argument with you over
this -- primarily because you are mostly correct -- but it is
wrong, very wrong, to include abortion in a list with euthanasia
and infanticide. Both of the latter involve existing humans. The
former does not. But more importantly, and for intensely
practical reasons, it is wrong to inquire into a woman's reasons
for seeking an abortion. Hence it is wrong to speculate about
what correct and incorrect reasons might be.

The right to abortion is incompatible with any inquiry into the
woman's motives.


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