Individualism in Marx

Sam Pawlett rsp at
Wed Sep 1 18:07:10 MDT 1999

Chris Matthew Sciabarra wrote:

  It assumes that it is possible to have synoptic knowledge
> of a totality, and proceeds to plan on the basis of the presumption.

Totality of what? Preferences? Why is knowledge of totality impossible?
If something e.g. a totality, exists it must be ,at least in principle
be knowable.

> ignores the kind of "tacit" knowledge that is essential to entrepreneurial
> and creative processes, which are always related to particular
> circumstances and contexts.

What is "tacit" knowledge? "Tacit" to me, implies unconscious. So, how
can one have knowledge that is unconscious? Belief that is unconscious?
Seems to me that once we enter the realm of "tacit" and "unconscious",
things start getting mystical.

Sam Pawlett

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