On abortion rights

Nestor Miguel Gorojovsky nestor at SPAMsisurb.filo.uba.ar
Sun Sep 5 16:33:20 MDT 1999

El  5 Sep 99 a las 14:37, Carrol Cox nos dice(n):

> [...] it is wrong, very wrong, to include abortion in a list
> with euthanasia and infanticide. Both of the latter
> involve existing humans. The former does not. But more
> importantly, and for intensely practical reasons, it is
> wrong to inquire into a woman's reasons for seeking an
> abortion. Hence it is wrong to speculate about what
> correct and incorrect reasons might be.
> The right to abortion is incompatible with any inquiry
> into the woman's motives.
> Carrol

Anti-abortion rights, on the other side (at least in
countries such as Argentina and, I am certain though I have
not studied it, in most Latin America and Catholic
countries of the world), is also a struggle against the
right of poor women not to abort in septic conditions while
riche women can do it -though against the law, and against
social sanction- in comfortable clinics.

This ethic hypocrisy should be enough to put abortion on a
different line, as Carrol says. We are talking of forcing
women to face death, nay, of _killing women_ just
because they are poor and got pregnant and, NO MATTER THE
REASONS WHY, do not want to have the child. In my country
there is a lot of fuss from the Church and the now
pro-Church state (a state that had been openly against the
Church in its best times) over this issue, and a strong and
endless campaigh on the "derecho a la vida" (right to life)
is waged against all these women (that is, against almost
evary and each Argentinian woman).

And, believe me, in our countries there would be many, even
humanitarian, reasons not to want to deliver a child if you
are a poor woman.


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