[PEN-L:10644] RE: "MODERN SCIENCE is a product of capitalism"

Carrol Cox cbcox at SPAMilstu.edu
Sun Sep 5 15:12:57 MDT 1999

Paul Kneisel wrote:

> Increasingly, "leftists" are taking on the trappings of an absolutely
> atavistic nostalgia for long dead cultures as they lose faith in the
> ability of today's world peoples to create a better world.

I tend too to be sceptical of nostalgia, BUT, you are speaking of Jim
Craven and the scare quotes are utterly unjustified. I might agree or
disagree with your arguments stripped of this offensive first sentence,
but I'm really not very interested in a post which begins identifying
a comrade as a "leftist" rather than a leftist.


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