Dialectics, Rothbard, Etc.

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The amazing thing about market system is that it founded on labour power
becoming a commodity, extortion of surplus value and the rate of profit as a
regulator of economic activity. In this sense, 'market system' can not take
into account qualitative goals of the overwhelming majority of the
population. The 'market system' is precisely the system which privileges
quantity or magnitude of value (price of labour power, rate of profit, or
Dow Jones etc.), and ignores quality ( relations of production etc.)

In this sense the market system is inevitably bound up with market for
labour power. One can not hope to eliminate the commodity character of
labour power without eliminating the market system


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> The amazing thing about a market system is this:  Each individual on the
> market gets to relate price signals to her own individual context of
> knowledge, to her own purposes and goals, much of which is not visible to
> others.  When the price system is transcended by a central planning
> mechanism, planners substitute quantitative information about inputs and
> outputs, but they cannot relate these quantities to the qualitative goals
> of individuals.

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