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There was a query as to who the above were in Argentina. I sought more
info. Hope this helps. I, onlty circulated it in the interests of more
debates between marxists.
Jim Monaghan

Hi. Some other comrades who are involved in the International Socialist
Forum have had various dealings with Herramienta. My own have been minimal.
It is edited by a group of former LIT people who, having dropped out or
been expelled from the LIT for all the usual reasons, decided to look at
some theoretical questions. One of their leading lights is Andres Romero
who about 5 years ago wrote some stuff questioning the "orthodox
Trotskyist" position on the USSR, the theory of the "degenerated workers
state" etc. This has never appeared in English. From what a
Spanish-speaking friend could take me through, it seems to be a legitimate
if limited attempt to tackle its theme. As a journal, Herramienta impressed
Spanish speaking comrades at the start, but then seemed to rely on
reprinting articles by European Marxist "worthies" (Anderson, Blackburn,
Mandel etc) rather than on original work by members of its editorial board.
In ISF we carried a criticism of the Iranian comrades' document from some
people in Herramienta and a fairly vigorous response by Cyril Smith and
John Ballantyne, two comrades I am pretty close to. So the discussion goes
on. Cyril, who you may know and will certainly have heard of - and whose
email is cyrilsmth at cix.compulink.co.uk - knows the comrades quite well and
they arranged a lecture tour for him in Argentina last year. I see from an
advert about their magazine in ISF no.3 that their address is: Revista
Herramienta, Chile 1362 (1098), Capital Federal, Argentina. As an email
address it gives herram at pinos.com.
Is that helpful? Any plans to visit this benighted isle?
Simon Pirani

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