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I think this post by Ulhas actually gets into the "nitty-gritty" quite
fundamentally... since it centers on claims about the labor theory of value
that I've always found problematic.  I hesitate to open this can at this
time because I'm headed into a really intense period of revisions on my
next book, which is due to be submitted in about one month... but I surely
hope to return to this issue in due course.

At 11:20 PM 9/3/99 +0530, you wrote:
>The amazing thing about market system is that it founded on labour power
>becoming a commodity, extortion of surplus value and the rate of profit as a
>regulator of economic activity. In this sense, 'market system' can not take
>into account qualitative goals of the overwhelming majority of the
>population. The 'market system' is precisely the system which privileges
>quantity or magnitude of value (price of labour power, rate of profit, or
>Dow Jones etc.), and ignores quality ( relations of production etc.)
>In this sense the market system is inevitably bound up with market for
>labour power. One can not hope to eliminate the commodity character of
>labour power without eliminating the market system
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