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> > George: To engage in this kind of abstract reductionism in which all is
> > reduced to the abstraction of power. Capitalist society cannot be
> > to adequate analysis through such a vague abstract form. This mystifying
> > approach is an attempt to substitute the powerful and revolutionary
> > of Mars's critique of political economy as it exists in Capital for the
> > notion of power. The concept capital ipso facto implies a specific form
> > exploitation of one class by another. By contrast the notion power
> > implies no such class relation at all,.
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> On the contrary, Rand's analysis talks about power relations in the
> political economy of the 20th century, and discusses specific classes --
> primarily big business -- that has benefited from this class system.  On
> issues, Rothbard has been even more explicit, creating a more complex
> theory that locates power specifically in the state-banking nexus and its
> beneficiaries.
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George: The latter paragraph is irrelevant. The point is in the posting of
yours, the subject of  my criticism, you suggested that the concept of power
or power relations constitutes the conceptual framework within which history
and society is to be conceived, analysed and explained. It is pointless
informing me what Rand did and did not say. It is what you say that matters,
The point is that what you say in the specific posting in question is plain

The concept of capital is the conceptual framework, so to speak, through
which society must be conceived, analysed and explained --not power

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