GDP is unscientific and unfair for poor people.

Charles Brown CharlesB at
Thu Sep 2 10:23:14 MDT 1999

Since,  capitalism is not about to be unfair ,doesn't demanding that it be fair, that
we not use GDP, seem liike a step in bringing along people who don't quite realize yet
that capitalism is not about to be unfair and GDP is being used to hoodwink them ?
Doesn't Chang's interrogation of GDP make a good step forward for those without
socialist consciousness, and who would not pay attention to more "sophisticated"
understandings  and critiques of capitalism ?  Do most people come to oppose
capitalism by reading Marxist analyses or critical analyses using bourgeosie concepts
,such as interrogating "GDP" ?

How well would you do in an e-mail discussion that was all in Chinese ? All of y'all ?

Charles Brown

>>> Wojtek Sokolowski <sokol at> 09/02/99 10:57AM >>>
At 05:34 PM 9/1/99 -0400, Charles Brown asks:
>Would you say this Chinese view is doomed to failure since capitalism is
not about to become "fairer" ?

Charles, is the pope catholic?


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