The Military in L.A. (was Re: US plots Colombia invasion.)

Nestor Miguel Gorojovsky nestor at
Wed Sep 1 16:31:40 MDT 1999

List, both J.P. Monteiro's and C.E. Rebello's postings have
something interesting on the issue.

Joao Paulo says that...

> Carlos Eduardo Rebello wrote:
> > The
> > national thrauma created by the sending home in bodybags
> > of conscripts that enlisted to wear decent clothes,
> > learn to write, read and drive, have a pair of boots,
> > etc.,

This is a very important feature in the South American
draft systems. It is not out of chance that in Argentina
the draft system was elliminated as soon as an opportunity
appeared (the murder of a conscript in a Zapala military
base, the horrid outcome of a "discipline" system that in
fact implied the debasement of conscripts). In ravaged
countries such as ours, the Army may become a haven for the
wretched, and sometimes this can be true even for high
officers. These, however, tend to be of the other kind. So
much so that we can certainly meet the defiance by J.P.
Monteiro, when he says that, as regards the "brigada do

> the long world history of military
> pompous asses, you would be hard press to find another
> such bunch of nulities.

We had at least a general who lost all of his battles (the
only one that he won, though a decissive one, he believed
to have lost!). It was General Mitre. And a century later,
the hydrophobically gorilla General Poggi, who gave a coup
d'etat in order to get to Presidency, saw the post snatched
from his hands by a couple of not too witty lawyers who put
in the Chair the drunkard Jose Maria Guido. Poggi, if still
alive, must still be asking himself what had happened.


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