CBC: Revolutionaries or mobsters?

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Wed Sep 1 22:17:42 MDT 1999

source: http://newsworld.cbc.ca/cgi-bin/go.pl?1999/09/01/russia990901

Mike Hornbrook reports for CBC Radio

    Anti-consumerism group behind Moscow explosion
WebPosted Wed Sep 1 16:34:27 1999
MOSCOW -  Officials say a self-proclaimed revolutionary group has claimed
responsibility for an explosion in a Moscow mall Tuesday. Forty-one people
were injured when the explosion ripped through a video game parlour in the
underground shopping mall.

The explosion was near the Kremlin The group says it's protesting growing
consumerism in Russia.
The explosion happened in a Western-style shopping mall noted for its
expensive, imported items.
The Federal Security Service investigating the explosion said it found a note
on the scene that claimed a "union of revolutionary writers" was responsible.
Officials said they had not heard of the group before. The investigation also
looked at the possible connection with organized crime.
Bomb attacks are often used in Russia to settle disputes between rival
criminal gangs.
Moscow's mayor, Yuri Lushkov on Tuesday called the incident a 'terrorist

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