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>>>> Chris Matthew Sciabarra <cms10 at is2.nyu.edu> 08/31/99 09:06PM
>On the contrary, Rand's analysis talks about power relations in the
>political economy of the 20th century, and discusses specific classes
>primarily big business -- that has benefited from this class system.
>On these
>issues, Rothbard has been even more explicit, creating a more complex
>theory that locates power specifically in the state-banking nexus and
>Charles: This sounds similar to two dimensions of Lenin's theory of
>imperialism which pegs the shift of the ruling class to a financial
>oligarchy and state-monopoly capitalism. Perhaps Rothbard read Lenin
>and Leninists.

I am sure that Chris can answer that question better than I can but my
impression from reading Rothbard some years ago was that he attempted
to incoporate certain Marxist analyses into a libertarian framework built
the ideas of Hayek and von Mises.  His theory of imperialism as I recall
did look much like Lenin's.  Of course Lenin's theory of imperialism
owed more than a little to the British liberal economist John Hobson.
So if Marxists can borrow ideas from liberals, it is perhaps only fair
if a libertarian (i.e. classical liberal) should borrow ideas from
including Lenin.

                Jim Farmelant
>Charles Brown

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