Update on the SWP

Michael Yates mikey+ at SPAMpitt.edu
Mon Sep 6 07:48:59 MDT 1999

I was never a member of the SWP and from time to time I find posts about
it of interest.  However, this post seems much ado about nothing.  Why
waste a few thousand words belaboring the obvious?  I tried to engineer
a debate about work, something critical to the real world and brother
Perez dismisses me as an ultra-leftist.  Never mind that he does not
know me and got my name wrong.  Yet instead of debating Taylorism (and
Lenin's support of it) and the whole nature of work in capitalism, why
the labor movement shies away from discussing this subject, what workers
think of their work, etc., he gives us a long and boring exegesis of the
SWP. I think whenever I see SWP in the subject line, I'm going to press
the delete button.  Louis P. has already taught me enough about it and
in a more interesting manner.

michael yates

Jose G. Perez wrote:
>     Having recently strayed across a bunch of my former comrades in the

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