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Subject: Statement on Deteriorating situation in East Timor - Blade Nzimande,
SACP General Secretary

SACP Head Office
6th September 1999


The deteriorating situation in East Timor demands immediate attention from
all concerned with democracy, human rights and human dignity. According to
reports being received from inside East Timor, the “pro-Indonesia” militia
has stepped-up its indiscriminate attacks on anyone and anything considered
to be “pro-independence”.  The house of Nobel Laureate and human rights
campaigner, Bishop Carlos Belo is reported to have been set alight by these
forces. It would also appear as though these militia forces have now been
joined, openly, by the Indonesian military in a joint display of intolerance
and barbarity. Hundreds have been killed, thousands are being forced from
their homes and attacks have been launched on both Red Cross and United
Nations compounds where many have sought refuge. The SACP condemns these
outrageous actions in the strongest terms.

It is simply unacceptable that the United Nations has not mobilised an
international peacekeeping force to stop the killing and destruction. It
would seem as though the lives of East Timorese are less valuable than those
of other victims of atrocities, where the UN has had no hesitation in
securing international intervention.

The South African Communist Party calls upon the United Nations to
immediately dispatch an international peacekeeping force to halt the
escalating social and human disaster and to force the Indonesian regime to
respect the democratic will of the people of East Timor. We also call upon
all progressive forces in South Africa and across the world to do all in
their capacities to pressurise the United Nations and their respective
governments to act now and lend all available support to save the people of
East Timor.

Blade Nzimande
SACP General Secretary

SACP Dept. of Information & Publicity
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South African Communist Party
Head Office
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Braamfontein 2001
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