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Where Carrol says that the right to an abortion is incompatible with an
inquiry into a woman's motives, I believe what Carrol refers to is the
slippery slope of losing the right to an abortion.  He can correct me if I
am not understanding.  I can only ask how if a society can decide we don't
want female babies, we don't want gay babies, we don't want babies that get
breast cancer, how we can deal with that?  Much of that sort of knowledge is
based upon scientific prejudice finding what supports their opinion.  If
abortion is decided by a woman without regard to knowledge of the fetus
itself at least the decision would not have the consequence that Philip
advocates which is provide the information that tells a woman my fetus is
"gay" and let her decide to abort it.  That general right to an abortion is
acceptable.  But when a woman is getting genetic testing about the fetus,
then in a broader sense we have a right to decide as a whole system what we
want.  Our social system can decide to end class relationships, our social
system can decide other components of our social system as well.

I have seen Carrol's arguments elsewhere about the right to abortion.  I
will say this as clearly as I can, a woman has a right to an abortion in any
system I can envision, but what must be taken into account is the social
reasons for the act.


Charles: My support for the strongest and unfettered right of a woman to decide to
have or not to have an abortion  (Carrol's no inquiry into her reasons) is premised on
the fact that we are in a male supremacist society. When in the future we eradicate
male supremacy and establish communism, there may be a basis for some social or
collective decisions on abortions.

Charles Brown

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