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                            Green Left Weekly,
                                 Issue #375
                             September 8, 1999

Green Left Weekly provides news, information, opinion and debate from an
environmental and left perspective.

Featured this week:

EAST TIMOR: WHAT ROLE FOR PEACEKEEPERS? Despite their overwhelming vote for
independence, the East Timorese people are being terrorised by armed
pro-Indonesian gangs. Peacekeepers may reduce the bloodshed, but the
Western powers that earlier backed the Indonesian occupation are not
reliable friends.


 * One more battle won
 * East Timor: what role for peacekeepers?
 * Indonesia out of East Timor! Freedom now!
 * How Indonesia tried to rig the vote


 * Militias on the offensive around East Timor
 * Falintil soldiers trapped
 * West Papuans press Australia to act
 * Racism in US health care
 * For the women of Afghanistan
 * US stepping up intervention in Colombia
 * Dow Chemical, Union Carbide to merge
 * A party's incredible journey
 * Dita Sari: `Rely on the strength of the people'


 * Free Burma: isolate the dictatorship
 * Countries participating in 9.9.99 actions
 * NUS, students and the left
 * News briefs
 * Resistance vs the Right to Life
 * World news briefs
 * vOUCHers hurt education
 * Lethal lesbians


 * Norm Gallagher: If you don't fight you lose!
 * Activists discuss women's liberation strategies
 * Private profits and people with intellectual disabilities
 * Domestic violence between Fairfax and Murdoch
 * Capitalism exploits `beauty'
 * Pesticides in the news


 * Thomas Mapfumo's chimurenga remains relevant
 * Raymond Hoser: Dynamiting the cone of silence
 * Henry Reynolds: Telling the truth about Australia's past
 * Get stuffed Bill Kelty!
 * State of the dump
 * Rollicking tale of Kisch's leap
 * Tools for radicals
 * Justice for Mumia!


 * Badgerys decision: waiting for council elections?
 * 300 workers redundant at Mitsubishi plant
 * Outrage at `no genocide' court ruling
 * Major increase in prison suicides
 * Queensland police charged
 * Making money out of sickness
 * Shut up and vote
 * NUW to strike against Reith's second wave
 * ACT assembly launches new attack on abortion
 * Manjimup shire meets Walpole blockade
 * Action updates
 * Melbourne Uni right defeated in election ploy
 * Melbourne votes for a free East Timor
 * Adelaide takes action for East Timor
 * Solidarity referendum' in Parramatta
 * Council harasses solidarity protest
 * Workers pay Telstra profits
 * `We face a common enemy', says Indonesian unionist


 * Loose cannons
 * and ain't i a woman?: Token offer to Norplant victims
 * Looking out: Forever
 * Life of Riley: It worked in Indonesia
 * On the box
 * Write on: letters to the editor
 * Chris Kelly cartoon


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