Update on the SWP

Michael Yates mikey+ at SPAMpitt.edu
Mon Sep 6 18:58:19 MDT 1999

I want once again to say that I hope Jose takes no offense at anything I
have said.  Also, my note on work was in part Labor Day exhortation and
not meant to be sloganeering. And I do realize that the Bolsheviks had
so many forces to contend with and that naturally they had to take as
given a lot of things.  But, for us today Taylorism is an unmitigated
evil, in my view, and nothing about it is useful for the building of a
new society.

michael yates

Jose G. Perez wrote:
> Arrgghh!
>     I hate it when I do this sort of thing (which, if you've been observant,
> I tend to so every once in a while). I guess the old sectarian in me just
> comes out and somehow sends that kind of post when I'm not looking! At any
> rate, I written Michael an apology as well as a more substantive comment on

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