Reply re Marta Russell and Doyle Saylor

Marta Russell ap888 at
Tue Sep 7 17:45:21 MDT 1999

Andrew Wayne Austin wrote:

> However, I want to point out that
> abortion can happen for reasons of male supremacy. In many parts of the
> world, abortion and infanticide are expressions of male domination. With
> respect to the United States, this is not an issue. But we have to be
> careful to avoid too narrow a focus.

It may still be an issue in the U.S.
In the culture of Arkansas, males certainly are the propagators of this
horrible "abortion".  I don't want to seem flip, I find this very
distressing.  Had an abortion been available, even if the woman was coerced
into it by her boyfriend, she would not have been put through this.

Three youths charged with capital murder for beating death of fetus
Court TV

A prosecutor in Arkansas is bringing charges under the state's new Fetal
Protection Law against a man who allegedly hired three youths to kick his
pregnant girlfriend in the abdomen, killing her nine-month fetus.
The fetus died in the Aug. 26 attack at the man's west Little Rock home.
A young man and his two teen-age brothers were charged with capital murder
and police issued an arrest warrant for the boyfriend.

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