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I got this warning in case you haven't seen it. This is especially
appropriate for Clark and I believe it is related to another virus infecting
Clark known as "Toady". The "Toady" virus is introduced through networking (
e.g. former classmates of the president or loyal and servile flatterers of a
former and failed Dean)and it is introduced by summary appointment without
free, fair and open competition for acceptance--in violation of normal
personnel protocols. The Toady virus, once introduced, goes on to bring in
other junior or subordinate Toady viruses again through summary appointments
and in violation of normal personnel protocols. The Toady Viruses [TVs] once
in place, having gained entrance through a plethora of buzz words,insider
connections, schmoozing and posturing designed to give the impression of
capabilities and levels of competence that they simply do not possess, go on
to create havoc throughout the whole institution. Once the havoc is
recognized by the Trustees [themselves introduced through political
networking emphasizing style/connections over substance] the TVs go on to
hire consultants to bring in the capabilities that the TVs were lacking and
yet presumed to possess. The TVs, however, host and reproduce with other TVs
such that there is a real danger that the consultants brought in may closely
resemble the TVs that brought them in and may therefore also lack the
capabilities they were purported to possess. Thus, the TVs, once introduced,
may multiply to virulent proportions via incestuous/like-attracts-like
relationships and geometric progressions.

Once the TVs infect the system, especially one in which there is no
accountability at the top and in which there is less due process than by a
Mississippi jury of KKK judging African-American "Freedom Rider" defendants,
reform of such a system--hardware and software--is next to impossible.

Of the two types of "viruses", the Toady is more dangerous than the Toadie
as the Toady virus infects everything it touches--beyond hardware and
software. In fact, what the Toady virus typically inputs into a computer,
would be improved by the Toadie virus refusing to allow the computer to
execute, causing the computer to crash and thus preventing the Toady virus
from inputing anything else.


James Craven
Clark College, 1800 E. McLoughlin Blvd.
Vancouver, WA. 98663
(360) 992-2283; Fax: (360) 992-2863
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Subject: "Toadie" virus warning

Alerts Issued for New Virus

Matthew Nelson, InfoWorld Electric

Anti-virus vendors are warning their users of a new virus,
toadie.exe, which is spreading across Internet chat sites and
in the form of an executable program.

Toadie is classified as a direct infector style virus,
because it
searches out other executable programs and infects them with
when it is activated by a user.

Toadie is not capable of automatically sending itself over
e-mail as
the infamous Melissa virus did, but it will tag along on
files from one system to another.

Toadie can rapidly replicate itself across Internet chat
using the Internet Relay Command (IRC), however, without the
of the sender, according to Anti-virus vendor Network
Associates Inc.
(NAI), which will issue an alert on the virus tomorrow.

"It will attempt to send itself via IRC if you happen to be
Internet chat at the time. People will think you are sending
this to
them, when in fact you don't realize it," said Sal Viveros,
marketing manager for Total Virus Defense at Network
Associates. "It
would be similar to what happened with the 'Frog in a
Blender' "
executable file that carried the Chernobyl virus with it, he

There are currently four different variants of Toadie that
NAI is
researching, two of which are in "the wild," or infecting
across the Internet, and so far no dangerous payload has been

discovered. The virus can corrupt infected files, however,
and make
them unusable, according to Viveros.

Infected users will be able to see a DOS box appear whenever
open an executable file, which says "you are infected with
but users with faster and more powerful systems will only see
message for a moment.

While only categorizing toadie.exe as a medium risk virus,
NAI has
received several copies of the virus from its users and
they update their anti-virus software.

"We believe at this point that it is just going out and
spreading and
showing this message saying you've been infected with
Viveros said.

"But as always, you need to make sure you are keeping your
software updated regularly."

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