"Fascism" again, was Re: Chile

Nestor Miguel Gorojovsky nestor at SPAMsisurb.filo.uba.ar
Thu Sep 9 17:05:42 MDT 1999

El  9 Sep 99 a las 15:42, Yoshie Furuhashi nos dice(n):

> Focusing on _here and now_ (setting aside the Pinochet
> regime, which belongs to the past)

This is a side issue in Yoshie's posting, but she could not
be furthest from truth. Pinochet's Chile was the laboratory
where almost every and one of the policies now fostered by
the World Bank and the IMF in the Third World were tested
and developed. The health and education policies are almost
copied from those "invented" there. Pinochet's regime
belongs to the present, and this is why we should not call
it "fascist".  It was an imperialist-oligarchic
dictatorship that used military rule to enforce the New
Imperial Deal on a whole people. Once the military were not
necessary any more, they were done away and blamed for
everything that now suffers Chile. This pattern is
identical in many places, Argentina included.

Even the rotten mixture of "socialists" and "christians",
the sickening and brazen usage of the name of Allende, are
copied across the Andes with the mixture of Peronists and
Radicals, and the sickening and brazen usage of the name of

In this sense, Pinochet was NEVER a Fascist (in fact, he
would define himself as a true democrat), but a Liberal, a
NEO Liberal to be precise. He is more alive than ever.

Not all history is contemporary history, but Pinochet's
regime certainly is.


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