Urgent action needed on East Timor

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Tue Sep 7 09:30:39 MDT 1999

September 6, 1999

Dear friends,

Urgent action is required from progressive and democratic forces around
the world to counter the bloodbath being perpetrated in East Timor by
the Indonesian Army and their thugs.

We urge you to organise or support demonstrations, pickets, vigils
outside Indonesian Embassies and Consulates or the offices of Garuda
Airlines. Daily demonstrations are taking place around Australia, with
nationally coordinated actions scheduled for September 10 and September
11. These actions have been called by East Timorese organisations in
Australia, the Australian trade union movement, the National Union of
Students, and Action in Solidarity with Indonesia and East Timor.
Resistance, the socialist youth organisation, has called for a national
walkout of high school students to join the protests on Friday September

We ask that these dates be made International Days of Action demanding
that the Indonesian Army Stop the Bloodbath, Withdraw from East Timor,
and Recognise the vote for an Independent East Timor, and that
governments support the request of the East Timorese for troops to
assist with the withdrawal of the Indonesian military..

Attached below is a statement issued today by the National Executive of
the Democratic Socialist Party of Australia.

Also attached is a statement from the Indonesian Peoples Democratic
Party. Please circulate these statements widely.

Further information is available from the web site of ASIET:
http://www.peg.apc.org/~asiet. (Please note that ASIET's web site will
soon be moving to http://www.asiet.org.au/

The following articles from the issue of Green Left Weekly printed today
contain useful background information on what's happening in East Timor
and Indonesia. If you don't have easy access to the web and would prefer
to have these articles emailed to you, send a message to Green Left
Weekly: glw at greenleft.org.au.

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