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Sat Sep 11 09:31:11 MDT 1999

jpmonteiro  writes
>Nah. Burma is nowhere, in terms of international politics. I don't think
>receive much military aid from the US, if any at all. Their main backers
>the chinese.
My point was a general one of not trusting generals and that the
international paymasters were in the long run those who call the tune, in
the Buma case this is China.
>Not so Indonesia.

I gather that China also supports the Indonesian military at least
according to the Irish press.With the natural focus of the western left at
the USA attempt to make itself Kautskys prediction of a supraimperialism
the other lesser nasties are let off the hook. If the generals had waited
a little and had Sukarnos daughter in the Presidential palace with some
left anti imperialist rhetoric would we be seeing the East Timor
independence struggle as an Imperialist plot.

I suspect that China at leasdt some elements of the ruling clique anyway
would like to recreate Chinese domination of the entire region. Case in
point being the squabble for those islands between Vietnam and the
Phillipines far from China in my opinion.

Chinas foreign policy seems based totally on Chinese interests seen as
just another power and not on any principle.
Jim Monaghan

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