Jose and the Living Dead

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    The stuff about Barry is bizarre. I wish I knew what the political
differences were. Ditto with Malik.

    Does Barry's journal have a web site, and is it affiliated with any
political current? Barring that, do you have an address for it? I've seen a
couple of articles by him on the Green Left web site.

    Linda Jenness left the SWP on good terms, AFAIK, and I think it was
before the turn, only a year or two after running for President, which was
in 1972. She was, if I remember right, in some rail union and simply dropped
out. I saw her at a couple of Oberlins after she was no longer a full
member. That she might have felt overstressed within the SWP before
withdrawing, I suppose it is quite likely. I do remember her being much more
relaxed when I talked to her after she left. There was some workshop for
"activists" in the such and such struggle and after a short while of the
usual mindless "inspiring" presentations I walked out. Didn't have much
patience for that sort of thing even then, which must have been around 1975.
She and some other woman had done the same thing, and we hung out outside,
smoking cigarettes, drinking and talking.

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>On what has happened to ex-SWP leaders:
>'Mac' Warren's first name is James.  He was orignally James 'Mac' Warren
>and then became just Mac Warren.  Mac Warren came to new Zealand a number
>of times.  On one ocassion he took it upon himself to organise a 'fusion'
>of a section of the leadership of the NZ YS with what was then the SAL.
>This was around 1981.
>I don't know whether he is still in the Barnesites, but his role seems to
>be taken these days by James Harris.  Harris toured NZ during his US
>presidential campaign.
>Barry Sheppard's departure was extremely fraught.  An email pal of mine who
>was in the SWP in the 1970s and early 1980s knows Barry, and also the
>Australian DSP leadership knows him.  Both my email pal and a top leader of
>the DSP who once stayed with me in Dublin said Barry would not talk about
>how the split with Barnes had come about, but it basically seems he
>disagreed over something and that was him for the high jump.  They
>concocted some charge against him, to do with starying into a women's
>toilet at some party conference, and he was out on his ear.  I assume
>Caroline Lund left at the same time.  Malik Miah had some disagreement as
>well, I think it was over an assessment about some strike.  Barnes, with
>the usual up-up-and-away line declared it was a great victory, whereas Miah
>thought it was a draw or the workers had lost something, so that was the
>end of him.
>Barry Sheppard (and I assume Malik Miah) were in Socialist Action for a
>while, but now Sheppard has his own thing, a journal called 'Independent
>Politics'.  I recently saw an exchange between him and US Lambertists over
>stuff to do with the Labor Party.
>These kinds of departures are reflected elsewhere.  They main leader of the
>CL in Britain when it began was Brian Grogan.  Grogan was a probem for
>Barnes as he had been a central leader of the IMG for years in his own
>right, and was not dependent on the favour of the Barnes' cabal in New
>York.  This meant some independent thinking might occur in the British CL.
>Well, Grogan disputed Barnes' assessment of Eastern Europe - ie Grogan had
>some connection to the real world on the issue - and so that was him for
>the high jump.  He was replaced with people who had no standing and who
>would never disagree with the Barnes cabal in New York.  In fact the
>British CL has been through one or two sets of 'leaders' before New York
>has finally been able to have a British 'leadership' which is totally
>subordinate and unquestioning.
>Doug Jenness is retired from the central leadership and is in Minneapolis,
>from where he upholds the Barnesite line.  I beieve Linda Jenness had a
>breakdown many years ago and left.
>I assume Cindy Jaquith is still involved, although not part of the
>leadership any more.  I also assume Steve Clark is still there.
>Of the original four key Barnesites in Australia - Nita Keig, Deb
>Schnookal, Dave Deustchmann and (sorry can't remember the other one) - the
>first three are all gone and have no time at all for the Barnesite thing
>these days.  In New Zealand, about 85 percent of the membership, and even
>Barnes' chief lieutenant for a decade, have gone.  The average age of the
>NZ membership is probably about 40 these days.


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