East Timor/DSP

Warwick Kenneth Fry wfry10 at SPAMscu.edu.au
Sat Sep 11 20:32:18 MDT 1999

        This has to be the silliest thread I have ever seen on a list.
Please don't encourage them. How many East Timorese has this guy met?


On Wed, 8 Sep 1999, Philip L Ferguson wrote:

> Ben,
> the DSP didn't just call for UN peacekeepers (bad enough!); it called for
> the AUSTRALIAN IMPERIALIST GOVERNMENT to send troops in.  Unilaterally, if
> 'necessary'.  As someone else on this list pointed out, that means in
> practice calling on the Australian government to go to war against
> Indonesia!  It sounds rather like those members of the Second International
> who wanted Britain to go to war to save 'plucky little Belgium' from the
> German monsters.
> So, I don't think there is anything in the slightest bit 'ultraleft' in
> Louis, myself and others saying that the DSP leadership's public statement
> violates Marxist principles.
> As for my bed, well it probably is a bit grisly; I was in a hurry and
> didn't make it this morning.  But there was no-one else in it last night. .
> .  unfortunately.  And certainly not 'the LM crowd'.  Orgies aren't my
> scene.
> Cheers,
> Phil

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