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Wed Sep 8 20:03:59 MDT 1999

At 03:23 08/09/99 -0700, you wrote:
>> >Macdonald,
>>I opened this after replying to your first post.  What can I say?  The
>>killing and the oppression of the East Timorese is a crime.  If some ass
>>hole from the ruling class agrees with me when I say that am I supposed to
>>fall silent? I think not. There are absolutes at work here irrespective of
>>who is articulating them.
>That it is an injustice, yes. Duh. At any rate, my point is not about "an
>asshole" but all the assholes. They all want this to be *the*story. Why? The
>end of the cold war is not enough to satisfy me, for Africa is also no
>longer involved in the Cold War, but we get scant coverage unless we seek it
>out. Why so much trouble to get even the average Joe and Joanie to look at
>Indonesia? When was Kurdistan front page for days on end while the villages
>burned? Why is it our papers are the same- across the planet? Some decision
>got made here.


You can be as offensive as you like with your 'duh!' but at the end of the
affair it is you who proudly touted your refusal to condemn what was going
on in East Timor.  I have been campaigning against Indonesian violence in
East Timor for 25 years. I welcome the possibility that their horror and
terror might ease.  If that means sacrificing the shit in Jakarta then I
say so be it.

But you by contrast seem quite disturbed by the possibility of Indonesia
instability and insecurity. In one article you show clearly how at present
Indonesia is vital to American control of the sea routes. In another post
you suggest that Australia and America have most to lose from destabilising
Indonesia. Then in a third post you suggest that the Americans are
deliberately doing an Angola on Indonesia and trying to put it on a 'slow

In reality a defeat for the Indonesian military would be the most
emancipatory thing that could happen in this region.  Indonesia is already
in the Western Camp and so parallels with Angola are as you might say  on
the level of Duh! I would welcome more than anything a destabilised
Indonesia because as you correctly said America and Australia would lose.
You see Mac, I am a Marxist, like, and I actually want Australia and
America to lose.

The problem with your self Mac is that you are another one of those sacred
texts types.  Trotsky said 'X" and so that formula is applied here.
Irrespective of whether it applicable or not.



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