Chomsky et al miss the point re: East Timor

Carrol Cox cbcox at
Sat Sep 11 21:01:34 MDT 1999

Borba100 at wrote:

> The following is the essence of the argument I am planning to make in an
> editorial (supported
> by a few interesting articles and interviews) in www.emperors-Clothes
> tomorrow.  I thought I'd run it by you all for reactions, since it goes
> against popular wisdom, especially on the left.
> Your thoughts?
> Jared Israel

I would agree with most of what you say, but you don't include in
your list of responses those which have been predominant on this
list. None of us have used they hypocrisy argument, almost all of
us have opposed u.s. intervention. Most (not all) of us were skeptical
of the atrocity stories from Kosovo. So probably you should be
more particularized in naming your opponents rather than speaking
vaguely of "popular wisdom." I would even suggest that perhaps no
popular wisdom exists on this issue.

Your analysis of what the U.S. plans to do in Indonesia is interesting,
and your general principles of analysis seem accurate. I don't know
enough to guess as to whether the predictions emerging from the
argument will be substantiated. They are quite possible certainly.


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