Chomsky et al miss the point re: East Timor

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Sun Sep 12 08:12:44 MDT 1999

El 11 Sep 99 a las 22:44, Borba100 at nos dice(n):

> The following is the essence of the argument I am planning
> to make in an editorial (supported by a few interesting
> articles and interviews) in www.emperors-Clothes tomorrow.
>  I thought I'd run it by you all for reactions, since it
> goes against popular wisdom, especially on the left.
> Your thoughts?
> Jared Israel

Methinks you are getting into great trouble, Jared. That is,
methinks you are absolutely right. Sigh.

I do particularly like these paragraphs:

> [...] the left is simply in gaga land concerning Clinton's
> goals in Indonesia.  [...]Now, [...] we have
> Holbrook warning that unless the Indonesians buckle under
> "the whole area could be destabilized" -- which is
> precisely what Holbrook says when he is about to
> destabilize an entire area.  This is a deliberate policy
> to breakup Indonesia, just as most everyone in Indonesia
> is beginning to suspect.

And this humble guy in Buenos Aires is tired to witness
everywhere. Yes, the breakup of Indonesia (be prepared to
listen to some pundit explaining that you cannot hold a
counry unified over tens of hundreds of islands!) is the
ultimate goal! If, with the means provided by the 16th. and
17th. centuries, three minor empires could break the Malays
into three disparate pieces, what is it that we, the
INDISPENSABLE EMPIRE, cannot imagine? One, two, a thousand
East Timors! Keep an eye on the chains of islands that
constitute the Pacific rimland of Australia, and the
policiy of the Australian bourgeoisie fostering those
micro-states all over the place. In this sense, I believe
you are mild when you state that

> The Australians have been acting as the US proxy here

In my own view, this East Timor case is the first exercise
of an independent Australian imperialism, with the secret
hope to strike a Pacific agreement with Japan, the Northern
counterpart, in a far-off but distinguishable (at least as
a possibility) future. Maybe I am a little hot-headed on
this, but the logics of the situation tend to point that
way. It is true, nevertheless, that since it is a first
exercise, they still lean on Big Brother USA, as you say:

>  so
> that Clinton could be "FORCED" by a press that is not (as
> everyone on the left says) blase about Timor, but which,
> on the exact contrary, is DELIRIOUSLY outraged - Clinton
> is being "forced" (kicking and screaming!) to "accept the
> sword" once again.  "I didn't want to attack you-all
> 'cause it's a hell of a big ol' important country but the
> bad ol' Indonesians left me no choice."

And, of course, I positively love this all-clarifying
simple (yes emperors-clothes) question:

> If the US elite
> was ACTUALLY opposed to intervention, would the press be
> splashing horror stories all over page one?  What's
> forcing Clinton, besides the press -- which is controlled
> by his controllers?

I do agree with your answer, too:

>  The
> goal here is: destabilization of the whole string of
> islands, prevent the takeover by "unfriendly" forces IN
> INDONESIA PROPER; this to be accomplished by offending
> national pride sufficiently to guarantee preemptive
> ultra-nationalist attacks on everyone, especially Chinese
> as well as any possibly secession-minded minority, not to
> mention anyone on the left, causing further
> destabilization.

And I do particularly share your assessment of the eventual
future in the area:

> The killing in Timor [...] is NOTHING compared to what MAY WELL
> happen to  Chinese, unionists, etc., throughout Indonesia
> if the West goes in.

Yes, Jared,

> THIS IS THE GOAL.  [...] Left is living in the past.
> Indonesia is no longer simply a cooperative client state.
> It is a juicy morsel that could be lost to the US, Japan,
> et al. it could suffer the Malaysian disease (conservative
> economic independence) -- or worse yet, the Venezuelan
> disease (left-leaning economic independence)- so it has to
> be broken up and given the Afghan disease (preventive
> medicine)

Your position, Jared, not only makes sense. It is a
monument to the human ability to stand above the pressure
from the most powerful forces of delussion. I am glad to
share the list with you.


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