Chomsky et al miss the point

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Sun Sep 12 03:06:07 MDT 1999

Phil wrote:
>The reality is that new times require new policies by the imperialists.
>Moral imperialism is in.  At the risk of making some people bristle, there
>was actually a good little book written on the subject about 1992 by one
>Frank Furedi, called 'The New Ideology of Imperialism: renewing the moral
>imperative' (London, Pluto Press).  He basically argued that a new version
>of the old 'white man's burden' was being developed in the late 80s/early
>90s as a cohering framework for Western policy globally and that new
>interventions would be carried out under this umbrella.
Although I have never read any Furedi, this seems perfect in a broad sense.
One point that needs to be made is that the countries to whack are choosing
themselves, so to speak. The rogue states' list is a lot larger that the
simple and short list consistinf Iraq, Afghanistan, Cuba, Libya, Sudan, DPR
Korea and Yugoslavia. The list is added to when a non-compliant state is in
a situation that CAN be manipulated. Kosovo is a perfect example. For those
who simply cannot attribute such powers to the CIA/etc.. it reads like
conspiracy theory. But conflicts that are either low or high will be
provoked to boiling, before the attempt to "save" by the Imperialists rounds
out the game. If it is, say, Chechnya where you can get the "savages" to do
the killing and seperating *for you*, then so much the better. But make no
mistake, this is the best possible way to do it.

>I also occasionally take a look at the US foreign policy establishment's
>in-house journal, 'Foreign Affairs', and there has been a discussion in
>that, ever since the Cold War ended, about developing a new global mission
>for Washington in the post-Cold War world.  Moral interventionism is a key
>theme.  The people calling for humanitarian intervention by Western powers
>- whether in Kosovo or East Timor, or anywhere else - are therefore
>knocking on an open door and helping provide legitimacy for the
>imperialists to do what they want to do anyway.

>Philip Ferguson

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