Joao Paulo Monteiro´s mail

Julio Fernández Baraibar julfb at
Sun Sep 12 14:35:48 MDT 1999

I can only thank the participation of Joao Paulo Monteiro in the list.
His point of view on East Timor question is very rich and singular.
>From a marxist and third worldist position he explains the rol that the
colonialist portuguese past has played in the area.
This is a opinion that you can not find in the bourgeois press.
Julio F.B.

> The nationalist noises by Portas (of the populist right) are, of course,
> absurd demagoguery. The base of Lajes in Azores was occupied manu militari
> the americans during WWII. Though they nominally recognize portuguese
> sovereignty, the fact is that they would never leave it. Never. Some years
> they pay something for it (money for the Luso-Americam Foundation, the
> regional government of Azores, or some second rate military material for
> portuguese army). Some years they say they're sorry but there are budget
> constraints. They are there. That's the hard fact. If Portugal was to ask
> to leave, they wouldn't worry too much with it. If, by any chance,
> was to have a radical nationalist government in the future they would
still be
> there, like in Guantanamo (Cuba).

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