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Budapest September 10,1999

WFDY Statement on Solidarity With
The People Of Timor Lorosae (East Timor)

The World Federation of Democratic Youth (W.F.D.Y.) salutes the people
of Timor Lorosae (East Timor) for its victory in the recent referendum.

After 24 years of heroic struggle against Indonesian occupation, which
had more than 200.000 dead people as its victims, the people and youth
of Timor Lorosae (East Timor) achieved to determine their future through a
referendum. Almost 98% of the Timorese population participated in this
vote between integration and independence. Almost 78% choose independence,
while International observers and the Indonesian Government recognised the
procedure and process of the referendum.

Nowadays the situation is unbearable. Within two weeks hundreds of
people died and thousands became refugees due to the terrorist actions of the
so-called integrationist militias, which have been created, armed and
supported by Indonesia.

We express our serious and deep concern about the ongoing crisis, which
is followed silently by the Security Council of the UN.

We demand:
· the immediate stop of the killings and terror acts against the Timorese
· the respect towards the sovereignty of the people of Timor Lorosae and its
· the immediate dismantle of the Indonesian armed militia
· the release of all political prisoners and the respect of all political

Urgent action is required from progressive and democratic forces around the
world to counter the bloodbath being perpetrated in Timor Lorosae (East
Timor) by the Indonesian Army and their thugs.

We express our solidarity to the struggle of the Timorese people and youth
and call upon all Member Organisations and Peace loving Forces to express
their protest about the ongoing massacre and their support to the just cause
of the people of Timor Lorosae.


World Federation of Democratic Youth
1389 Budapest - pob 147 - Hungary
tel/fax: +361 350 22 02 / 350 12 04
e-Mail: <wfdy at>

WFDY is an international NGO with consultative status with UNO and
relation with UNESCO.
Presented a Peace Messenger award by UN
Secretary General in 1987.

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