Chomsky et al miss the point re: East Timor

Julio Fernández Baraibar julfb at
Sun Sep 12 08:18:08 MDT 1999

This mail of Jared Israel is excellent. Really it is one of the best I have
read about the issue.
I agree. This central idea that he exposes is: "Indonesia is no longer
simply a cooperative client state.  It is a juicy morsel that could be lost
to the US, Japan, et al. it could suffer the Malaysian disease (conservative
economic independence) -- or worse yet, the Venezuelan disease (left-leaning
economic independence)- so it has to be broken up and given the Afghan
disease (preventive medicine)". I think this is correct and brilliantly
 Julio F.B.
> The other day I was chatting on the phone with a left wing friend and I
> , "The US is going to support intervention in East Timor."  And he said
> they're not."  And I said "I think you're mistaken."  And he said "I KNOW
> you're mistaken.  Indonesia is a client state."

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