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Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Mon Sep 6 10:56:07 MDT 1999

Michael Yates:
>Next month I will begin teaching a class at a maximum security state
>prison in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  The course will be an intro to
>political economy.  The students will number about 15, and all of them
>will probably be African Americans. We will meet once a week for a
>couple of hours.  There is no textbook, so I will be copying articles
>for discussion.  If persons on the list know of articles they think
>would be appropriate to use in this class, please let me know.  Short,
>clearly writtten articles that illustrate features of the political
>econmy might be especially useful.  Thanks.

Would simple articles on Value and Surplus value be on your target?
If so, I'll send you two fairly short (about 500 words combined)
articles on Value and Surplus Value.


Louis Proyect

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