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By all means, send them to me at my email address.

michael yates

Louis Proyect wrote:
> Michael Yates:
> >Next month I will begin teaching a class at a maximum security state
> >prison in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  The course will be an intro to
> >political economy.  The students will number about 15, and all of them
> >will probably be African Americans. We will meet once a week for a
> >couple of hours.  There is no textbook, so I will be copying articles
> >for discussion.  If persons on the list know of articles they think
> >would be appropriate to use in this class, please let me know.  Short,
> >clearly writtten articles that illustrate features of the political
> >econmy might be especially useful.  Thanks.
> Would simple articles on Value and Surplus value be on your target?
> If so, I'll send you two fairly short (about 500 words combined)
> articles on Value and Surplus Value.
> Xxxzx
> Louis Proyect
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