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Sam Pawlett rsp at
Mon Sep 6 14:11:55 MDT 1999

Chris Matthew Sciabarra wrote:
John Stuart Mill once said that
> if you favor a certain doctrine, it is always good to come up with people
> who will criticize it, just to keep you on your toes.

Usually I don't argue with libertarians anymore it only strengthens
their analysis...

  I can only say in response that the "state
> capitalist" systems he refers to are almost all going thru convulsions at
> this point.

All capitalist systems go through convulsions the question is why....

  The libertarian viewpoint is an answer to the
> one-sided perspective put forth by Engels, and adopted by all too many
> socialist theorists, who said that monopoly, booms and busts, and other
> crises are brought about strictly by economic factors.  "At no point
> whatever are robbery, force, the state or political interference of any
> kind necessary," he said.  This economism is empirically false; the state
> is always involved -- and has always been involved -- in the process.

But the question becomes why,historically, has the state been involved
in the economy rather than just pure, unfettered market forces. Marx and
Keynes demonstrated through their demolition of Say's law,conclusively
in my view, that pure market economies are inherently unstable. Business
cycles and crisis are endogenous to market capitalism.

Sam Pawlett

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