Urgent action is needed on East Timor

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September 6, 1999

Dear friends,

Urgent action is required from progressive and democratic forces around
the world to counter the bloodbath being perpetrated in East Timor by
the Indonesian Army and their thugs.

We urge you to organise or support demonstrations, pickets, vigils
outside Indonesian Embassies and Consulates or the offices of Garuda
Airlines. Daily demonstrations are taking place around Australia, with
nationally coordinated actions scheduled for September 10 and September
11. These actions have been called by East Timorese organisations in
Australia, the Australian trade union movement, the National Union of
Students, and Action in Solidarity with Indonesia and East Timor.
Resistance, the socialist youth organisation, has called for a national
walkout of high school students to join the protests on Friday September

We ask that these dates be made International Days of Action demanding
that the Indonesian Army Stop the Bloodbath, Withdraw from East Timor,
and Recognise the vote for an Independent East Timor, and that
governments support the request of the East Timorese for troops to
assist with the withdrawal of the Indonesian military..

Attached below is a statement issued today by the National Executive of
the Democratic Socialist Party of Australia.

Also attached is a statement from the Indonesian Peoples Democratic
Party. Please circulate these statements widely.

Further information is available from the web site of ASIET:
http://www.peg.apc.org/~asiet. (Please note that ASIET's web site will
soon be moving to http://www.asiet.org.au/

The following articles from the issue of Green Left Weekly printed today
contain useful background information on what's happening in East Timor
and Indonesia. If you don't have easy access to the web and would prefer
to have these articles emailed to you, send a message to Green Left
Weekly: glw at greenleft.org.au.

Militias on the offensive around East Timor, By Sam King (from Dili)
East Timor: what role for peacekeepers? By Jon Land
One more battle won (editorial)
How Indonesia tried to rig the vote, By Stephen Marks
A party's incredible journey (5 weeks with the PRD) By Max Lane
Dita Sari: Rely on the strength of the people, By Jonathan Singer

In solidarity,

John Percy
National Secretary
Democratic Socialist Party

dsp at dsp.org.au

UN/Australia must act NOW to stop bloodbath in East Timor!

Statement by the National Executive of the Democratic Socialist Party
(September 6, 1999)

The Democratic Socialist Party calls on all supporters of democracy to
mobilise to demand that the Australian government insist that the United
Nations authorise the immediate dispatch of Australian troops to East
Timor. The task of these troops must be to assist the East Timorese
resistance forces to stop the current bloodbath being organised by the
Indonesian armed forces (TNI) and police (Polri). This can only be
achieved through the disarming of the pro-Jakarta terror gangs. In
addition, these troops must supervise the rapid withdrawal of all
Indonesian military and police personnel from East Timor so as to enable
the East Timorese to take full control of their nation's affairs.

All East Timorese national liberation forces have called for immediate
UN-authorised military intervention in East Timor to stop the
TNI/Polri-organised bloodbath.

If the United Nations Security Council continues to argue that an
international military force cannot be sent to East Timor without the
Indonesian government's agreement, then the Australian government should
act unilaterally and send its armed forces into East Timor to end the
TNI/Polri-organised terror campaign.

The argument that the UN cannot authorise the sending of an armed
security force to East Timor without the Indonesian government's
approval is utterly hypocritical since the UN has never recognised
Indonesia's claim of sovereignty over East Timor. In the August 30
ballot the overwhelming majority of the East Timorese nation, in the
face of a massive campaign of intimidation by TNI/Polri-directed terror
gangs (``pro-integration militias''), clearly expressed their desire for
independence from the Indonesian state.

Prime Minister Howard and Foreign Minister Downer also make the argument
that Australian military forces cannot be sent to help the East Timorese
people halt the TNI/Polri's campaign terror and mass murder without
Jakarta's (that is, without the Indonesian military's) prior agreement.
This stance is simply the continuation of the policy that Australian
governments, both Labor and Liberal, have had for 24 years of
sacrificing the democratic rights of the East Timorese people to
collaboration with the Indonesian military. That is why they refuse to
break off Australia's ties with the Indonesian military (including
immediately ending the training of TNI officers).

The aim of this policy is to maintain a ``secure environment'' for
Australian big business in both Indonesia and East Timor. Howard and
Downer know that maintaining Indonesia as a ``secure environment'' for
big business requires maintaining the TNI/Polri's dictatorial control
over Indonesia's improvised population. They are therefore unwilling to
take any action that will politically weaken the Indonesian military,
even if these means that tens of thousands of East Timorese are murdered
by the TNI/Polri and its East Timorese puppet gangs.

Stop the bloodbath in East Timor! Disarm the pro-Jakarta terror gangs!
Indonesian troops/police out now! UN/Australian troops into East Timor
NOW! Break all military ties with Indonesia! Recognise the independence
of East Timor!

Political Statement

On Military Violence in East Timor

Monday 6 September 1999

No. 02/B/KPP-PRD/Sta./IX/'99

The Direct Ballot on whether the East Timorese accept or reject the
proposed special autonomy announced in the UN Headquarter in New York
and the UNAMET Headquarter on Saturday, September 4, 1999 resulted in
344,580 votes (78.5%) rejecting proposed special autonomy for its
separation from Indonesia. While the rest 94.388 votes (21.5%) accepting
the proposed autonomy and be part of the Unitary States of the Republic
of Indonesia. This result has clearly indicated how the majority of the
people of East Timor want to become an independent nation, like the
option agreed in the New York Agreement:

" ACCEPT Do you accept the proposed special autonomy for East Timor
within the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia?
" REJECT Do you reject the proposed special autonomy for East Timor,
leading to East Timor's separation from Indonesia?"

With such a result, we the People's Democratic Party states:

a. We congratulate the majority of the East Timorese who reject the
proposed special autonomy and vote for their independence from
Indonesia. The East Timorese deserve such congratulation and support, as
the terror and intimidation for the last six months was not able their
spirit of struggle for their independence.
b. Call for all sides to respect the result of the Direct Ballot and the
choice of the majority of the East Timorese people for their
independence. In terms of de jure and de facto we have to support the
independence of the East Timorese they expressed in the result of the
Direct Ballot.
c. Push the Habibie administration to recognise the result of the Direct
Ballot and respect the choice of the East Timorese people for
independence. The Indonesian government does not need to wait for the
next stage namely the Parliamentary General Assembly (Sidang Umum MPR).
The Parliamentary General Assembly has no right to determine the future
of the East Timorese. The authority of the Parliamentary General
Assembly is to pull out or abolish the law on the integration of East
Timor with Indonesia.
d. Call for Indonesian Government to obey the New York Agreement in
keeping the security in East Timor, that those responsible for it from
the Indonesia side is only the police. There must be immediate
withdrawal of the military forces as the Direct Ballot is announced.
(Article 5, Memorandum UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, May 4 1999)
e. Call for Indonesia Government to stop all kinds of support to the pro
integration militia.
f. Push the Indonesian Government to withdraw all military personnel as
soon as possible and stop sending military units to East Timor.
g. Ask for the United Nations to immediately send the peace keeping
forces to East Timor for guaranteeing the safety of the East Timorese.

The people united will never be defeated!!!

Jakarta, September 6, 1999

Central Leadership Committee PRD

Faisol Riza    Ida Nassim Mh
Chairman    Secretary

Peoples Democratic Party (KPP-PRD)
Jl. Jend. Basuki Rahmat No. 7B, Cipinang Muara
Jakarta INDONESIA 13420
Tel: 021-8561542/9113801
Fax: 021-8561542
E-mail: prd at centrin.net.id

Louis Proyect

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